Water Treatement Products

Water Treatment Products

Pre-Treatment Units

  • HRSCC – High Rate Solid Contact Clarifiers
  • Tube Settlers.
  • Filtration Units (Conventional Filters)
  • Pressure Sand Filters (PSF)
  • Multi-Grade Filter (MGF)
  • Iron-Removal Filters (IRF)
  • Activated Carbon Filters (ACF)
  • iX-Masters™ Series - Super Filters (SF)
  • Resin Technology

  • iX-Masters™ Series – Packed Bed Systems (Upflow / Downflow)

  • iX-Masters™ Series - Counter Current Units (Conventional)
  • iX-masters™ Series – Co-Flow Units (Conventional)
  • Membrane Technologies

  • iX-Masters™ Series – UF Units (With iX-Masters™ Super-Filters)
  • iX-Matsers™ Series –RO Units (With iX-Masters™ Super-Filters)

  • Design Approach For New Units

    (Pre-Treatment Units, Filtration Units, DM Plants, RO-Units, UF Units)

  • Detail process study & scheme design.
  • Bespoke design of the units (No standardization) to match customers’ needs.
  • Highest output of the units by using NEW technologies.
  • Highest life of the internals by selecting NEW materials. (such as UHMW-PE)
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Process Validation

  • By Pilot Plant Testing ( If required )
  • Retrofit / Revamping Approach

    (Media Filtration Units, DM Plants, Softeners, UF & RO Units).

  • Existing & designed water analysis study.
  • Existing unit: Process Audit w.r.t changed water analysis.
  • Estimating retrofit / revamping options to improve efficiency & output quality.
  • Prepare engineering solution & estimate cost.
  • Re-engineering of the units, planning of the resources & retrofit implementation.

  • Re-commissioning of the unit & system.

  • iX Masters™ Series- Advantages

    Resin Units

  • Highest efficiency guaranteed (In any type of the system).
  • Ability to design ‘shallow bed’ OR ‘deep bed’ system without affecting system performance.
  • Lesser regeneration waste generation / lesser backwash waste volume.
  • Multi-bed system design features.
  • Filtration Units

  • Improved ‘Dirt Holding Capacity’ of the media filters by reclassification of the media layers.
  • Highest filtration quality than current conventional designs.
  • Minimizing backwash volume required.
  • Improving adsorption-media bed utilization.
  • Super filtration stage with filtration quality close to “Ultra Filtration” units!
  • Components Features (Resin & Filtration Units)

  • Unique distribution & collection Nozzles/Strainer having higher life (UHMWPE make nozzles + HDPE Strainer).

  • Higher collection area than conventional strainers / nozzles.
  • Improved ‘wedge-wire screens’ in SS304, SS316L & Hastelloy-C grade.
  • Easy construction & design.
  • Easy maintenance.

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    Separation Technologies

    High Efficiency Ion-Exchange Units
    High Efficiency Filtration
    Separation based on resin technology
    Waste Water Recycle

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