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TherMatek® Product developed & manufactured by M/S Ishaan Industries, Gujarat. Since the product development in 2006, we are the key representatives for Maharashtra to compete number of projects supplies.

TherMatek® - Heat Resistant Terrace Tile (Mosaic)

A unique, patented, stand-alone over deck, multilayered, non-porous, dense, dry-look, and thermal insulation product designedto integrate seamlessly with the concrete roof system.

The product is manufactured to last a lifetime with a thoughtful balance of new patented technology and unique manufacturing process.

Beyond offering you decades of experience, we have example after example of proven performance all over the nation. Plus the most cost effective and long term solution for the attestation of conformity with ECBC / LEED / IGBC cool roof requirements. Plus our tiles are proven to reduce building cooling cost, saving you money while helping to protect the environment from the polluting effects of heat islands.


Building - integrated thermally insulated roofing system for new construction and retrofitting.

Over deck application ideal for – Residential, Commercial, Industrial building roofs insulation

TherMatek® - Ceramic Cool Roof Tile

Salient Features

  • Manufactured using indigenous ceramic technology (Patent Pending) High SRI: 104

  • Reduce the surface temp by up to 20 deg C.
  • Easy to install and maintenance free.
  • Light weight, yet strong usable top layer to roofs.
  • Anti-skid, stain free, aesthetically appealing and clean appearance of terrace.
  • 25 % more efficient than any other cool roof technology in the world.
  • Conform to the IS standards laid down for ceramic tiles.
  • Comply with guidelines laid by ECBC/BEE/TERI/IGBC/MOEF/CPWD for energy efficient roofs.
  • Specifications

    Type Ceramic
    Appearance White Glossy Grainy & Marble Grainy
    Materials Used Infrared Resistive Composition (Non-degradable)
    Tile Thickness 300mm X 300mm
    Tile Sizes 1.875 Kgs
    Tile Weight Impervious to Water
    Water Permeability 7.139 (ISO 10545-3)
    Average Water Absorption 225 KG/CM2
    Modulus of Rupture MOR 5.55 (EN-101)
    MOH’S Hardness Class 1 (ISO 10545-14)
    Stain Resistance Class 4 (ISO 10545-7)
    Surface Abrasion 7 Cycle Pass (ISO 10545-11)
    Crazing Test Class B (ISO 10545-13)
    Chemical Household 104 (ASTM E 1980)
    Solar Reflective Index (SRI) Dooley
    Reflectance 0.8298 (ASTM E 903)
    Emittance 0.862 (ASTM E 1371)
    Status Indian Patent & International Patent Applied

    TherMatek® - Super Reflective Paints

    Super reflective paints are available in white & selective colors.

    Key Benefits

  • Reduction in roof surface temperature of around 17°C on a hot sunny day.
  • Maximized Total Solar Reflectance (the measure of the amount of incident terrestrial solar energy reflected from a given surface) & - SRI > 100.
  • Greatly reduced sub-roof temperature.
  • Easy to use and bonding with minimal surface preparation.
  • Fast cure at room temperature.
  • Aesthetically appealing.
  • Salient Features

  • Premium Exterior Paint with high thermal properties duly tested in lab and field.
  • Developed by ICT (formerly UDCT) Mumbai. (One of the world's top ten Chemical Technology Institutes).
  • Only Colored Paint with High SRI in the World.
  • LOW VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) - Confirms to Green Building norms.
  • Long Life and Color Fastness (Non-fading inorganic colors).
  • Cost Effective and Better Performance.
  • Applications

    THERMATEK® Colored Heat Reflective Paint is designed to combat overheating in exterior walls or metal or asbestos or flat roof buildings.

    Uses include:

  • Exterior south/south west / west facing walls in buildings exposed to radiation.
  • Warehouses, workshops and garages.
  • Hotels, dairies, stables and farm houses.
  • Industrial sheds kennels and aviaries.
  • Silos, metal tanks, and canopies.
  • Concrete pathways around temples, swimming pool decks and handrails.
  • Overhead water tanks and pipelines that get heated.
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